How to setup for satellite connections for Netgear wifi router device?

When you install the Netgear wifi router device you will need to make sure that you can manage the advance settings for your device. you have to install your Netgear wifi router for the satellite connections and all these settings will be possible if you can access the Netgear router setup page. You have to make sure that you can use http:// routerlogin.net web address for accessing the configuration page for your device.

Here are the Steps to Manage the satellite connections for your Netgear Wifi Router Device | http:// routerlogin.net Admin

  • First you will need to disconnect your modem device from the Netgear router device and then connect your Netgear wifi router device directly to a computer device.
  • Provide power supply to your device and open web browser at your computer device.

  • Fill http:// routerlogin.net address in the address bar and hit on the enter key.
  • At the login window you will need to fill the Netgear wifi router login user name and password for your device and you can also use the default login details if you have not changed the login details yet.
  • Go for the “advanced” option.
  • After that choose “LAN IP setup” option.
  • Make sure that you can change the IP address to
  • There you will also need to change the starting and ending IP address for your Netgear wifi router device.

  • Click on the “apply” button and then remove power supply to your devices.
  • You can now once again access the login page for your device and then go for the “setup wizard” option for your device.
  • Click on the “Yes” button and then “Next” button.
  • Click on the “apply” and save button.

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