Netgear Router Firmware using the Smart Setup Wizard Check Button

Regular firmware update will make sure that you are able to access trouble free wifi access for all kind of wireless devices that are available for your home network. We are going to explain the simple steps you will need to follow so you can update the firmware for your Netgear Wifi router using the check box that you will find at the smart setup window for your Netgear WiFi routers.

Here are the Steps you will Need to Follow

  • First you will need to connect your computer system with the Netgear router wifi access.
  • Open the web browser and access Netgear router login page using http:// routerlogin.net web address.
  • You will get redirect to Netgear router setup page.
  • Fill the login user name and password for accessing the Netgear router login access.
  • After making login access for Netgear router smart setup you will need to go for “Advanced” option.
  • There you will need to select “Administration” tab.
  • Simply select the option “Firmware Update” and using the check box you will need to make sure that firmware will be updated to your Netgear wifi router whenever available.

At last you will need to click on the “yes” button so firmware update can process can start and you can easily manage the smart setup for your devices. You can explore the web pages and receive more information for www.routerlogin.net admin, www routerlogin.net, routerlogin.net, netgear router sign in, log into netgear router, 192.168.1 netgear router setup and netgear router setup.


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