Steps to Configure MAC Spoofing for Netgear Wifi Router

Netgear Wifi routers that much capable that you can easily connect as number as wifi devices to your home network and enjoy wifi connections for that devices. There are some cases when you face wifi access issues for the number of devices that are connected to your home network. This happen because there is some internet service providers that do not allow internet access for multiple computer systems.

You can solve these issues very easily by using the MAC spoofing filtration. Using MAC spoofing you will able to configure your router in such a way that it will find same MAC address for devices that are connected to your home network. You can also explore the blog session and receive more details for routerlogin.net, www routerlogin.net, www.routerlogin.net admin, www.routerlogin.net login, http //www.routerlogin.net, netgear, http //routerlogin.net and routerlogin net

Here are the Steps for Configuring MAC Spoofing for Netgear Router

  • Using the Ethernet cable you will need to connect your computer system with the Netgear router and then connect your Netgear router with the modem system. Ethernet cable connections are always preferred over Wifi connections.

  • Now you can open the web browser and using that web browser you can access http:// routerlogin.net web address. You can also use IP address. If http:// routerlogin.net web address is not working for you.
  • You will ask the login details for making Netgear router login access. If you have not changed the login details then you can use the default login details for accessing the Netgear router login page. Default login user name will be “admin” and default password is “password” for making router login access.

  • After making login access for your Netgear router setup page you will need to go for the “Basic” tab.
  • Then you will need to choose the “Internet” option.
  • Using the radio button you will need to select whether you want to make login access or not.

  • Then you will need to choose the option whether you are having internet IP address or not. Either you can go for dynamic IP address configurations or you can also choose static IP address configurations for your device.


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